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Putting your safety first

It’s true to say that insurance tends to be a greatly undervalued product until you actually need to use it. At this point it then transforms into the most intelligent purchase you have ever made.

We want you to feel confident and secure in all aspects of your life by having adequate insurance in place across every potential risk. However, we don’t want first-class protection to come at an excessive price so Cogent Financial Planning will tailor products to suit your needs from the whole of the market.

Remember, even the best financial planning is only secure if you have insured against the unexpected.

It is important to remember that all insurance policies are not created equally. We use our expertise to source the highest quality products from the most dependable providers who offer industry leading terms and value for money.

We will constantly work on your behalf to match your protection portfolio to your changing lifestyle and requirements. Whatever the conditions or forecast, protecting the things most important to you is money well spent.


  • Life insurance – protecting your loved ones
  • Critical illness cover – helping you cope in the worst of times
  • Private medical insurance – expect the best when you need it
  • Home insurance – securing your prized possessions
  • Income protection – don’t neglect one of your most important assets